Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

Business Chinese Track

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Business Chinese is the most favored one among the three tracks of undergraduate Chinese language major.

It aims at producting graduates with not just proficient Chinese skills and profound knowledge about China, but also the ability to participate in the business practice upon leaving the univeristy. It combimes Chinese language training with courses on international trade, economics, marketing, etc., which enables graduates of the track to take part in the business practice related to China  more easily than those with only Chinese language skills.

Compared to the International Trade major, the courses of the Business Chinese track are specially designed or selected for foreign students and so closer to real practice and easier to master. For example, mathematics which troubles most foreign and Chinese students with its overwhelming difficulty is not included in the track courses.


Length of study: 2-4 years

Credits: A total of 136 credits, 76 during 1st & 2nd years and 60 during 3rd & 4th years


P1 (1st & 2nd years) for elementary & intermediate Chinese language study

P2 (3rd & 4th years) for advanced Chinese study plus major courses in Business Chinese track.

Degree and certificate:

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (junior college diploma for the first two year study).

Certificate: Graduation certificate for Chinese language major of Xiamen University



Tuition fee: 26,000RMB per year

New student registration fee: 400RMB

Annual dormitory rent: 2000RMB (double person dorm)


Qualification to apply:

  • Non-Chinese national
  • Healthy
  • 18-60 years old
  • High school graduate or above
  • HSK 5 certificate (≥180 points) for joining the 3rd year directly

Application deadline: end of June for autumn semester. Please contact us immediately if you apply after the deadline.

Application procedures



Open course: Introduction to China

Chinese language courses: Chinese Language, Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening, Reading Comprehension (elementary, intermediate and advanced)

Major courses for Business Chinese track (3rd & 4th years): Basic Principles of Economics, Practices of International Trade, Currency and Banking, International Trade, International Finance, Marketing, Management: a total of 24 credits

Optional courses: chosen based on personal preferences

Internship: 3 credits

Thesis: 6 credits

Actual course structure may be adjusted during the course


Qualification for directly joining the third year:

  • Students with HSK 5 certificate or above can apply to join the third year of the undergraduate Chinese program.

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