Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

Distance education

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Chinese language-related majors

Chinese language with three tracks: Chinese culture, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and business Chinese

Chinese language and literature

Business-related majors:

International economics and trade


Hotel management



Length of study: A complete credit system is applied. Undergraduate study requires 3-5 years and including diploma period and BA period.

Degree and certificate:

Degree: Bacherlor of Arts after completing the full program and thesis defense.

Certificate: Graduation certificate of Xiamen University

Qualification: Foreign nationals or overseas Chinese, proficient in Chinese, high school graduates. Those with relevant diploma can be exempt from diploma period and begin their study directly from BA period.


Method of study:

Individual: Online coursesoftware, real-time video classroom, homework, Q&A, discussion makes it possible for you to freely arrange the time and place for your own study.

Teaching spots: Teaching spots open in student-concentrated areas where teaching or guidance is offered. More information about locations of teaching spots is available by consulting the college.


Deadline for application: No deadline for application.

   Distance education