Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

TCFL Track

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Teaching Chinese as a foreign language track of undergraduate Chinese major

Length of study: 2-4 years

Credits: A total of 136 credits, 76 during 1st & 2nd years and 60 during 3rd & 4th years


P1 (1st & 2nd years) for elementary & intermediate Chinese language study

P2 (3rd & 4th years) for advanced Chinese study plus major courses in TCFL track.

Degree and certificate:

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (junior college diploma for the first two year study).

Certificate: Graduation certificate for Chinese language major of Xiamen University



Tuition fee: 26,000RMB per year

New student registration fee: 400RMB

Annual dormitory rent: 2000RMB (double person dorm)


Qualification to apply:

  • Non-Chinese national
  • Healthy
  • 18-60 years old
  • High school graduate or above
  • HSK 5 certificate (≥180 points) for joining the 3rd year directly

Application deadline: end of June for autumn semester. Please contact us immediately if you apply after the deadline.

Application procedures



Open course: Introduction to China

Chinese language courses: Chinese Language, Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening, Reading Comprehension (elementary, intermediate and advanced)

Major courses for TCFL track (3rd & 4th years): Modern Chinese, Theory and Method of Teaching Chinese as the Second Foreign Language, Educational Psychology: a total of 11 credits

Optional courses: chosen based on personal preferences

Internship: 3 credits

Thesis: 6 credits

Actual course structure may be adjusted during the course


Qualification for directly joining the third year:

  • Students with HSK 5 certificate or above can apply to join the third year of the undergraduate Chinese program.

   BA in Chinese language