Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

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Length of study: 3-5 years, full time.
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics   

Major Courses:

 The main study fields of this major mainly include the teaching theories and the rules for practice of TCFL. This program aims at producing advanced specialized talents with solid theoretical foundation of Modern Linguistics and Applied Linguistics who have mastered the teaching theories and methods of TCFL and can carry out teaching and research activities in TCFL independently. Major courses of this program include General Introduction to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, General Theory of Applied Linguistics, Research and Teaching of Modern Chinese Language, Contrastive Study and Error Analysis Between Chinese and Foreign Languages, Language Test, Course Schedule Design and Textbook Compilation, etc.

Time for Admission Application:
Before June 30th

Qualifications for Application:
1. Foreign nationals or overseas Chinese.
2. BA degree holders.
Note: Overseas Chinese need to take the National Entrance Examination while foreigners can enroll without exams but should first master the Chinese language.

New student registration fee:

Tuition Fee:
20000RMB per academic year, totally 60000RMB



Enrollment for master programs:

Teaching affairs for master programs:

  • Ms. Wang Bihua, OEC teaching secretary for MA programs
  • Tel: +86-592-2187707
  • Email: wangbh@xmu.edu.cn 

   MA in Chinese teaching