Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

Tuition standards of different categories:

Cost listing (take long term Chinese for example):

  • Tuition: 26,000RMB per year
  • Registration fee: 400RMB for new students
  • Rents: 2000RMB per year in dormitories on Xiang'an campus, not including water, electricity and management costs. “more information”
  • Meals: About 600-900RMB per month, using XMU e-card in dining halls on campus
  • Textbooks: About 300RMB a semester, depending on courses taken
  • Physical examination: about 500RMB
  • Residence permit: 400RMB for RP less than one year
  • Insurance: Comprehensive Insurance for Overseas Students, 450RMB per year
  • Internet: 35RMB per month for broadband of China Telecom in dormitories
  • Roughly about 40,000RMB per year, a quite reasonable amount compared to other univerisities in China due to the low costs in dormitory rents and meals on Xiang'an campus.

Bank Accounts of Xiamen University:

  • Bank of China
    • Beneficiary Name:Xiamen University
    • Beneficiary's bank:Xiamen University Branch, Bank of China
    • Beneficiary A/C Number:428658381176
    • Swift code: BKCHCNBJ73A
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
    • Beneficiary Name:Xiamen University
    • Beneficiary's bank:Xiamen University Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
    • Beneficiary A/C Number:4100021709024904620
    • Swift code: ICBKCNBJSMM


Way of payment

  • Please pay your TUITION and REGISTRATION fees to the XMU bank accounts, scan the bank receipt and email it to us within the payment deadline stipulated in our e-mail admissions notice.  You can wire the money in RMB or its equivalence in USD, EUR, GBP or JPY based on the exchange rate on the current day. Please also bring the paper bank receipt to the university for registration. We will issue the invoice once the payment is confirmed. According to relevant regulations of XMU, tuition fee or registration fee of the current semester can not be refunded once the academic term begins.
  • Holders of some type of bank cards like VISA and MASTER might be allowed to draw out only a maximum of 2000RMB per day from foreign bank account in Xiamen. Therefore, it is suggested that new students open a "Unionpay" bank card in their countries and save no less than 6000RMB in the account. They can use the money to pay for the dormitory rents & deposit, physical examination, residence permit application and other expenses when they arrive at the univeristy. They can open a local bank account on campus, and wire the money into the account from overseas if they need more.



  • "Unionpay" bank cards can be used for paying tuition in the college finance room.
  • Now there is only Contruction Bank of China (CBC) on campus. Branches of Bank of China & Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC) will soon open next to Jingfeng Dining hall. ATM machines are available in dining halls on campus.
  • You can also go to ICBC branch in Xindian Town by taking NO. 761 bus, get off at Songban Lukou station about 15 minutes later and walk 10 meters forward before you find the bank.
    Address: 厦门市翔安区新店镇祥吴社区宋坂路口
    Tel: 0592-7271552

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