Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

Application procedures:

  1. New Account: OEC web – Login – New account (email as username)
  2. Program Type: Login and choose the type of program planning to take. Please make your choice carefully.
  3. Completing Information: Fill in all blanks in columns of personal information, contact information & program options and upload the required documents like passport, photos & certificates.
  4. Submitting Application: You can submit your application after the above steps. The system will tell which step needing to be completed if it fails.
  5. Application Status: Application is completed after the above steps. You can see the status of your application and the progress of OEC admission in the column of application status.
  6. Qualification check is done as soon as your application is received. If you are admitted you will get admitted status through our website.Please call us if you don’t receive reply from us one week after application.
  7. Please pay your TUITION and REGISTRATION fees to the XMU bank accounts, scan the bank receipt and email it to us within the payment deadline stipulated in our e-mail admissions notice. 
  8. After qualification check, we will make the admission notice and visa application form (Jw202), submit them to the university and then to the city government for approval and mail them to the address in your application form as soon as they are ready. Usually it takes 30-45 days to receive the documents after your application is qualified.
  9. Bring in person your passport, photos, admission notice and visa application form to the local Chinese embassy for Student Visa (X1/X2 visa). Physical examination report and other documents might be required in some countries. You can do it in a local qualified hospital and bring all original health check reports to XMU for visa change. Physical Examination Record of Foreigner can be available at http://oec.xmu.edu.cn/file/Health.doc.
  10. Bring your passport, original physical examination record (if there is), 10 two-inch photos, admission notice, visa application form (Jw202), graduation certificate and HSK certificate (if there is) to OEC for registration on dates stipulated in admission notice. Please come to OEC as soon as you enter China, or your visa might run out before it is extended.

Language problem: There are over 100 zero-Chinese-level new students studying Chinese in OEC every semester. Although Chinese is the main class language, many teachers of our college also speak English. OEC staff will help you to go through necessary procedures. If you don’t speak English or Chinese, please ask other students to interpret for you.

Visa Application: Please click Visa guidance and advice for new students.

How to arrive: Please click Transportation and advice for new students.

Fee payment and financial management: Please click fees and advice for new students.

Accommodation on campus: Please click accommodation

Insurance: Please click insurance

More information about registration at advice for new students.

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